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Birth Doula Package

Tamara's doula care provides personalized support for each family, no matter what birth plan is chosen. Tamara wants you to feel confident in your birthing experience, so she helps families prepare for the natural surprises and medical interventions that might occur — and walks through every step of the birth process, from pregnancy to childbirth to postpartum care.

Tamara is a doula who believes that every woman has a story that deserves to be told. Her goal as a doula is to create a unique connection with each family so that the birth experience can be tailored to each one's needs.

Reach out to Tamara to have your story told today!

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Support Includes:

24/7 Pregnancy & Birth Support

Question at 2am?  Ask!

Gain confidence & peace of mind throughout your pregnancy and up to 6 weeks postpartum.

Call Tamara anytime day or night for a listening ear and guidance.  Tamara is on call for you 24/7 regardless what stage you are in pregnancy.  Your confidence and having answers you need all help make for a smoother birth experience.

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2 Prenatal Visits

Talk, Discuss, Plan

Review your expectations, answer questions or just sit and listen for a while to all that is going on - all while helping to prepare your family for the birth and life after bringing home baby!  Tamara will meet you at home or wherever is most convenient for you.  Tamara has never turned down a meeting request for Starbucks and will make any excuse to get her hands on a Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino.

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Create a Customized Birth Plan

Let's write YOUR story together!

Tamara will assist you in creating a customized birth plan that fits your family's needs.  Regardless if you are having a home birth or delivering at a hospital, going natural or having an epidural; you have choices.  Tamara is here to make sure you are aware of your options.

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Personalized, In-Home Childbirth Class

Instructions Included

Tamara knows the importance of being prepared for the big day.   Included in your package is an in home, private childbirth class.

While each class is different and catered to your needs, you can review our childbirth class page to see what is typically included.

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UNLIMITED Labor and Birth Support

Your birth is NOT on the clock

It's your birthday, and you're the star. Tamara understands that a labor can last for a long time. For that reason, Tamara never charges by the hour.

It’s your birthday and you are the star. There are no added fees for a longer labor — whether your birth experience is 1 hour or 42 hours, you can be sure that Tamara will be there for you. Tamara will be in the room with you from start to finish and I promise to be by your side until you and baby are resting safely in your postpartum room. 

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Childbirth Pain Management

Finding Comfort in Labor

"Comfort" and the word labor don't often go together, but a big part of a doula's job beyond education is proving emotional, mental and physical support.  Being comfortable is important as it can help you labor faster.

Tamara can assist you with walking through labor, different positions based on baby's position and where you feel pain, using a birth ball or peanut ball, or labor/birth in a tub.  

Make your labor as comfortable as possible - you do not need to labor on your back in a hospital bed. 

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Birth Photography

I may never win photo of the year, but...

My job is to support you where I can and I am by no means a professional photographer.   That said, if you are looking for cute candid pictures, I am your girl.   I will try to take some pictures where I can, when I can.  I have been known to take a couple upwards of one hundred, all depending on what is going on in the moment.


If you are looking for a professional photographer, I highly recommend Panzeca & Co. or Krystal Franke Photography.  In fact, you will find many of their images across the website.  Other photographers can be found on our business directory as well.

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Postpartum Aftercare & Support

After birth is just as important...

1 postpartum visit with you at your home to see how everyone is doing post birth.  This visit usually lasts an hour or longer based on what your needs are.  Tamara is here to help you with whatever you might need - hold the baby, let you take a brief nap or shower, help switch a load in the laundry or just sit and talk. Since Tamara never goes anywhere empty handed, she comes with a homecooked meal to give you the night off from cooking or having to order another meal from the drive thru.

Tamara understands how difficult the first few weeks and months of having a newborn can be.  You and your family are learning what is going to be the "new normal" for a while. That is what Tamara will call/text you each week for the first 8 weeks postpartum to check on you.  You can call/text her anytime as well, but she will follow up with you if she hasn't heard from you to make sure mama is being taken care of too!

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Homebirth Doula Support

Homebirth - you're covered!

Home births are totally safe so long as a midwife or licensed team of baby delivery specialists are present.

I love home births and wish I had done them for myself.   If you are planning on a homebirth, I will do everything that you are reading, plus a home visit with you and your midwife as we plan for the big day.  This typically consits meeting the midwife at your home for a walk through so we all know what the setup will be for the birth.   It also allows your midwife and I to meet so we are not meeting for the first time while you are giving birth.

Looking for a midwife?  There are some great midwifes in the area from Northern Kentucky to Dayton.  Check out our business directory for a list of midwives that I know, trust and love!

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Cesarean Support

Sometimes labor doesn't go as planned, but you are still supported.  Tamara has had two ceseareans and understands the concerns you may have.   Support doesn't stop here, Tamara will continue to be by your side and can guide you through the process from the birth perspective of what is going to happen, but also from the mom side knowing what it feels like.  


If your cesarean is planned, Tamara will arrive when you are ready for her prior to the cesarean section, be with you in the operating room if you don't have other support or be with your family in the waiting room and be with you after the surgery. 


A big part of the day is providing emotional support, and answering questions about what is going on or how things will be going for both you and any waiting family. Tamara will stay until after you are in your recovery room which is generally 1-2 hours post birth even helping to bring your stuff from one room to another as you transition from a birth suite to a postpartum room.

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Can you still provide support during COVID-19?

Unwavering Support

Absolutely, I have continued to provide support to all my moms during COVID-19 and will continue everywhere that I am allowed.

There are hospitals, mostly across Cincinnati at this time, that will not allow me to provide in person support.  

There are still options:

  • Birth at a hospital that allows doulas - currently all hospitals in Dayton allow doulas, as well as Atrium and Christ Hospitals in Cincinnati.   
  • I have seen many families choose to have a home birth during this time, so they can have their partner, family and friends. 
  • I can provide labor support at home until you are ready to go to the hospital and then continue to provide virtual support.
  • I can provide virtual support if you are at a hospital that doesn't allow visitors.  

For up the most up to date information on COVID-19, check here.

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Bereavement Doula

Tamara is certified bereavement doula through Sufficient Grace Ministries, and as such is here to support you in the birth of your baby-in any trimester, in any outcome. Tamara provides bereavement support at no charge to families across the Tri-State as needed.

Tamara will help you consider all your options in the welcoming and farewell time with your baby. Tamara also provides continued support support in the postpartum period as your process your loss and begin the journey to healing. Tamara creates a unique connection with each family aimed at creating the experience you desire for your birth, as she understands that your story matters.

For more information on bereavement support, contact Tamara.

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What is a doula?

A doula empowers you to confidently make the choices you need to throughout your pregnancy and birth. A doula acts as a "birth coach" - an unbiased friend and supporter, who does not judge your choices, but simply helps you to be aware of your options.

To learn more about what a doula does and the differences between a doula and your midwife/obgyn, click here.

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