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In Home Classes


Stork Helpers gives expectant moms and dads personalized childbirth classes taught in the comfort of their homes. Six pregnancies, twenty years of experience, and a passion for birthing babies give Tamara the unique ability to help couples through the childbearing process. Whether it's a weekend or a weekday, Stork Helpers offers convenient scheduling so parents can begin their journey to parenthood prepared.

Private classes give parents the breathing room to ask questions and gain knowledge. It allows them to choose the topics they want to discuss and learn about, with no limitations or restrictions on who they can talk to. They get access to an online childbirth manual, in which they can review all the information at their own pace and schedule — thanks to Tamara's amazing teaching skills that make discussions easy and comfortable.


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*additional $25 charge applies if drop-off/pick up location is more than 20 miles from Lebanon, Ohio.

Topics Include:

How Your Body Prepares for Labor

Everything is changing!

Before your due date, your body will "go to work" getting itself ready for childbirth. It will prepare your body through three stages of labor: effacement (when the cervix thins out), dilation (when the cervix opens), and finally, the most intense part, when the baby descends into the birth canal.   

Tamara will teach you how to listen to your body so you are aware of the changes going on as you prepare for the big day!

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The Four Stages of Labor

Lets get through this, step by step...

Tamara will guide you through the four stages of labor - early labor as your body makes the final prepartions, active labor which is the hardest part of labor and delivery, the third stage which is when you deliver the placenta and the fourth stage which is recovery.

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Create Your Birth Preferences

You CAN write YOUR Story....

Birth options are plentiful, and they can be confusing for people who are unfamiliar with what's available. Tamara will discuss all of your options with you, whether you prefer a natural birth at a hospital or a homebirth; if you want to have your baby in water; if you're interested in delayed cord clamping or other natural-delivery methods. She's happy to help you determine which option is best for you and your family.

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Learn Relaxation Techniques in Labor

Relaxation in Birth is KEY!

Being nervous is perfectly normal. But there are ways to manage stress and relax in your labor. Tamara offers a variety of relaxation techniques that you can use throughout your labor and delivery. With her help, you can create the environment that you want to deliver in, without the possibility of stress prolonging labor or leading to interventions.

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Pain Management - Natural and Medicated!

Drugs or no Drugs?

At the end of the day, preparing for your child's arrival is an intensely personal decision. What may work for one family may not be right for another. If you're not sure whether to try a natural birth or opt for pain medication, this class will discuss some of the differences between a natural childbirth and a medicated birth — as well as what types of drugs are used in each case.


Laboring Positions (there is more than one!)

The choice is YOURS!

There are so many different positions you can try for birth, but the standard method of lying down on your back in a hospital bed isn't the best for you or your baby. In this class, Tamara will teach you about different positions that are safe from a laying-back position, being on your hands and knees, kneeling, standing, sitting down, and more.

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Delivery Methods (there is also more than one!)

Waterbirth anyone?

Waterbirth offers an environment free of distractions and other stressors. In the water, your body moves more freely, allowing you to focus on birthing. A comfort-height tub allows you to rest your arms on the side of the tub and still be close to the water level — making it easier for you to relax into the sensations of your labor while holding onto help.


Newborn hospital care

Your first choices as parents...

When you're staying at the hospital with your newborn, it can be difficult to make decisions for your baby — especially on the fly. As a new parent, you may find yourself overwhelmed by all of the new information and responsibilities that come with a new addition to the family. Tamara will review what your experience will be like in the hospital as well as all the options you have for your baby and items that you will want to plan out ahead of time cause once you are there, you are going to be overwhelmed to make some decisions on the spot. 

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Breast/bottle feeding

Breast or bottle?   Do whats right for YOU!

Tamara has done both; she bottle-fed her first three kids, then breastfed the next two. She even went back to bottle feeding for her twins. As an experienced mom, Tamara can help you make an informed choice and walk you through all the steps without judgement — from feeding your baby to finding support in your local community.

baby breastfeeding

Postpartum life

The beautiful roller coaster begins now!

Postpartum is a trying time of your life, and it can be hard to know what to expect. When you're feeling the lowest and thinking that you'll never get your life or yourself back, it's important to remember that everything will get better in time. The important thing is to always take care of yourself before anything else — get the sleep and nutrition that you need, and don't feel guilty for taking care of yourself and your baby.

While many don't discuss it out of fear of being labeled a "bad mom," Tamara discusses first hand the joys of postpartum.  She will discuss the things to prepare for now to be ready for it and gives you the ugly truth about how bad it is for some, and to use your resources when if its gets bad for you.  You are NOT alone!

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More Information:

What to Bring to Class

  • Two pillows and blanket: this is for your comfort as we will spend times on the floor as we practice various labor and birth positions.
  • A birth partner: some positions require you to have a spotter for safety purposes, so bring someone with if you can.  If you can’t – don’t worry, Tamara will spot you.
  • Snacks: just in case you get hungry. 
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What about COVID?

Yes, I am still teaching childbirth classes during COVID.  I will come to your house wearing a mask, bring my own sanitzer and we will social distance as well in order to keep all of us safe.

If you would prefer to have a private class, but do it online, we can do that as well and have the meeting done via Zoom.

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